Betty Albert is a Placerville, CA writer and blogger about farming, all things organic, and is a foodie at heart.

She was practically born in a restaurant as her father was a top chef in San Francisco and Los Angeles during the 1930 heydays. Instead of the journalism career she wanted to pursue, there were 22 years with AT&T   and another 20 as a professional photographer before she earned her degree in Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Health.   Betty and her husband Bruce moved from the Bay Area to Placerville in 2003. One endeavor was to help the Placerville Natural Foods Co op get started and it was one of her markets for gluten free breads and a line of chutneys, sauces and condiments.

“Lost in Italy and Loving It…a 30 Day Adventurous Memoir,” is her e-book published in 2013, available on Amazon.com/kindle. Please leave a review!  It’s an easy computer-read.

“I am inspired to write about farmers, agriculture, food festivals and whatever else the community would like to communicate on these topics. So please, feel free to communicate!”

Betty is also a featured blogger at El Dorado County Farm Trails. 

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